Tori Amos: a Bliss of another kind.

Ears with Feet
From knowing her as long as I have - there’s just no way she’s going to stop writing or playing. She’s unbelievable live, and she just keeps writing, so even by the law of averages, by the fact that she produces so much music, chances are she’s going to write a bunch of great songs. And at this point, she has; she’s written so much material, and I’ve always thought she was one of those artists that people aren’t going to fully appreciate till like twenty years from now. They’ll go ‘Oh my God, she was writing all this while I was listening to Arcade Fire.’ I think a lot of the songs she has written are unbelievable, and a lot of people don’t know what the heck she’s talking about, but once you get inside them and realize all that’s going on, it’s pretty cool, pretty unique.
Matt Chamberlain (Tori’s drummer)
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